Use Cases


  • Expanding the scope of traditional monitoring systems allowing customers to add new tests without dependencies to solution vendors, thus avoiding lock-ins.
  • Fit into cloud native environments as a micro service component.

  • Cloud infrastructure monitoring of compute, storage and networking characteristics
  • Intra – Inter Node communication. Ensuring VNFs communication resource characteristics.
  • Application monitoring and service availability to remote devices / access points.

  • Extending the CI/CD process / pipeline (Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery) into live production environments for quick deployments of new SW versions, automating the VNF lifecycle management process.
    The GE system provides a single, flexible and comprehensive framework integrating and running tests from various sources (fragmented test environments within a vendor is one example) to ensure fast TTM with confidence.

The open source test plug-in interface allows re-use of virtually any test out there as well as designing new tests, integrated to the system / framework in hours. Examples are Linux performance tools, Nagios type tests (application availability etc.) or acceptance tests.

Test plug in design is described at with python examples.
The current test library includes testing and monitoring of the compute, storage, network and application domains with:

  • CPU workloads
  • CPU monitoring
  • Storage / IO
  • Memory
  • Networking performance
  • Applications availability and end customer perceived performance

However, the existing test library can be expanded with virtually any test or monitoring type. One example is the  Nordic Network Service Provider in-house extension of the Grideye test library with WIFI testing.