Business Model

The challenge of legacy systems

Traditional or legacy solutions use license models that do not allow scaling to support any or all needs of the operator.  Assume monitoring of MBH, enterprise customers and internal infrastructures in a 5G network wide fashion. The number of end points and licenses required is large and even unknown, thus prohibiting a strategic and efficient use of the monitoring systems.

The Cloudmon360 solution combines test & monitoring of virtualized environments as well simple addition of functionality as required, with unlimited geographical and functional scaling.

The Cloudmon360 model

The Cloudmon360 business model is built on three pillars:

  • Free trial.
  • Flexible pricing model at a fraction of the price for a legacy system.
  • Unlimited scaling.

The Grideye system from Cloudmon360 provides the means to implement a wide range of market specific tests avoiding lock ins, and at the same time answering up to the cloud native charter, unlike traditional test / monitoring systems where the functionality is limited to the design, often old and with legacy dependencies, of a monolithic approach with functionality delivered by a single vendor.