The Cloudmon360 business model is built on three pillars:

  • Free trial.
  • Flexible pricing model at a fraction of the price for a legacy system.
  • Unlimited scaling.

Contact us for a free trial.

You are allowed up to 10 agents in the trial. The installation of the containerized agent will take just a few seconds. The controller is set up by us as a Saas at name.

We recommend a 60 minutes system demo and walk through to get started with the trial.

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Perform comparative benchmarking with different workloads and traffic models to assess Cloud Solutions.


Clouds provide a means for migration from a fixed, bare metal (or virtualized) environment to a more cost-effective cloud deployment. Such a migration should be verified in advance and during migration to ensure that the services work as expected and that the charge corresponds to the services provided.


Placing a service in a cloud means one can compare different clouds that have different characteristics and price models. Grideye can compare the behavior of example applications, being placed on bare metal, VMs, public cloud, or container environments.
Pre qualification

Apply different workloads and traffic models to verify scale up and down scenarios.
Validating throughput and scalability of virtual infrastructure is critical to ensure the cloud service.
Cloud applications vary in terms of networking, compute and storage requirements. A specific cloud application may also vary in time when scaled up or scaled down. Grideye emulates applications and performs continuous tests for networking (round-trip and anomalies), compute (cycles and memory) and storage (read/wrote latency for sequential and random access.
This allows the user to model custom enterprise applications that are impractical to obtain or implement for testing or benchmarking purposes
Application & Network Performance Monitoring

Monitor the cloud, network and applications 24/7 to and from every site.
Provide complete performance visibility for delivery and experience of business-critical cloud and SaaS applications from the end user's perspective. Monitor the compute, storage and network performance as well as the availability and performance of the services from any site / location in the network.