The System

The system contains support for basic thresholding and presentation for stand-alone deployments. However, the main positioning is as a component integrated to a larger solution context, controlled by an existing test framework such as Jenkins, ONAP architecture or a traditional monitoring system.

The system consists of a controller and agents.
The controller holds the configuration of the system, provides the APIs and basic analysis, presentation and configuration.
There can be one or several agents installed in one or several sites to be tested / monitored. Each agent holds one or several test plug-ins, each performing tests per request, continuously or as defined in templates.

New test plug-ins are self-registering their capabilities to the controller trough the agent API using a “call home” procedure that also provides simple deployments of agents behind firewalls.  Orchestration and data export for analysis is made simple using the REST API.
The agent and controller are containerized for simple and fast deployment as SaaS, OEM or as requested.