Edge Cloud

Virtual CPE

Mobile edge computing

A virtual CPE is virtual in the sense that services are implemented in virtual machines or containers separated from the physical hardware device. This means that the execution environment is virtualized by a hypervisor or other technologies.

An on premise  virtual CPE can be seen as a small cloud instance where capacity is limited to what can be delivered by the compute, storage and network resources contained in the physical unit.
As VMs providing the CPE functionality are sharing the resources of the CPE platform, the application behavior becomes less deterministic than for a solution with reserved resources.

This means that monitoring is even more important in a virtualized CPE environment to ensure the performance of services.


The solution provides a number of ready to go test plug-ins with comprehensive coverage of the virtual CPE compute, storage and network functionality.

Insight in the virtual execution environment is vital for:

  • Ensuring capacity when scaling up of existing applications of when adding new applicatons.
  • Verifying the proper performance of the vNFI when performing fault isolation (for instance a network RFC test) or other network related tests.


There is also an opportunity for the customer to build own plug-ins as the agent is open source. This means that a specific test, be it from the Nagios library or elsewhere, can be wrapped into the framework.  This open source strategy has several advantages.

  • As the number of different devices and related functionality will grow exponentially, a proprietary set of tests from any given vendor will not be sufficient.
  • New tests can be developed for specific needs in a simple and straight forward manner by example of the existing test plug-ins.